(English?) airplane crashed near Palic in May 1944

(English?) airplane crashed near Pali6 in May 1944

PDF   (English) airplane crashed near Pali6 in May 1944 

(Excerptfsr om thet extp ublishedin localn ewspape” Palics  es kornyeke” Subotica, August 1999,p.26)

As the war entered into its final stage in the course of 1944, the airplanes that belonged to the US and English Air Forces, after taking off from the Italian airports, had the combat missions over occupied, yet not liberated parts of the South East and Central Europe, oftep flying the skies over Subotica and its surroundings. In these sorties three crashes were registered in the territory of Subotica (Pali6) and Backa Topola. In the Historical Archives of Subotica a document’ has been preserved testiffing that the Presidium of the National Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina – Internal Affairs Department required on 27 September 1945 from Subotica District Council to provide data aimed at supporting activities of the Country's Committee for Organisation of the Transfer of Mortal remains of the Fallen Combatants. “It is necessary to urgently investigate and forward to us the information on where the graves of English and American soldiers, especially aviators, are located. The locations must be marked, and, wherever it is feasible, the name of the deceased and indication whether he was buried individually or in a mass grave should be obtained. The efforts must be made to collect as much information as possible, as well as to put fence around the grave-mounds, visibly denote and preserve them.” The local authorities sent the reports indicatingt hree caseso f the plane crashes:3 0 May 1944- near Tuk Ugarnica in the vicinity of the Lake Palii; 30 Jttly 1944- in the vicinity of Padir;a nd in the secondh alf of September- in the region of Badka Topola. ‘6On 30 lIay 1944, during the night, a Halifax plane fell near Subotica, on the location Tuk Ugarnica wilderness in the vicinity of the Lake Pali6. While crashingo the airplane took fire. Under its wreckage the parts of eight unfortunate aviators were found. The mortal remains of these eight aviators were buried together in two coffins at Sendansko groblje (graveyard) in Subotica. The occupiers erected a cross on the grave containing the following text (in Hungarian): ‘Itt nyakszik I angolszrisz,:jyildtatt meaning ‘Here rest 8 English pilots’. Their identities were not ascertained at the time because no data was found. It is also unknown whether they were English or American Soldiers.” That is the wording of the Subotica Police Department report… it'r”rnuin, unclear whether these airplanes crashed on outbound or inbound flights, what were their tasks and why did they crash (antiaircraft fire or mechanical failure). Since no damage was registered on the crash sites, it is most probable that they had alreadyaccomplished their combat missions. These sources provide insufficient information on the soldiers’ identities. According to the text written on the cross erected by the Hungarian occupiers in Sen6ansko groblje (graveyard), those were Englishmen, although the reports of the new authorities cast some doubt on that…

Stevan Madkovi6 1 HistoricaAl rchiveso f SuboticaF. :70.229 68/1945